Dry January

Dry January

19th January 2021

Dry January at Aldwyn's

While the majority of us have participated in New Year’s Resolutions, a new trend that is gaining momentum is going ‘dry’ or giving up alcohol for the month of January. Last year, Alcohol Change UK reported: “Among people who were completely dry, 59% reported reduced alcohol intake, 49% reported increased control over their drinking, and 43% reported better mental well-being, and 32% reported better physical health at 6-month follow-up."

The Manchester Evening news reported on a study of 10 people who participated, “10 people drank no alcohol while four continued as normal. There were no significant changes in any of the parameters measured for the four people who didn’t give up alcohol. But the changes were "dramatic and consistent" across all 10 abstainers.” So, there’s quite a few compelling reasons to participate.

We want to help anyone who is taking part in Dry January, so we've put together some helpful tips:

• Remember that loads of cocktails can be made without alcohol. Just order a virgin or mocktail version.

• Keep track of your key health metrics so that you can refer to your progress at the end of the month.

• A number of beer producers now create alcohol-free versions of their drinks. Try one of these to enjoy the familiar flavours.

• Attend events and outings were alcohol would not normally be a part of. Consider live sporting events such as biking or running meets.

• Each week, take all of the money you would have spent on alcohol and set it aside as a special treat for yourself in February.

• Take the pledge with a friend and plan weekly alcohol-free dinners together to keep your social life active during January.

• Lock up your liquor cupboard and give the key to a trusted friend. You’ll have them to keep you accountable which can help with maintaining your abstinence.

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