Long potato sourdough recipe

Long potato sourdough recipe

15th September 2020

As September is sourdough month, we asked our head chef for his perfect sourdough recipe. Don’t worry, you can enjoy sourdough all year round with this gem.

Long Potato Sourdough

First, create a starter (mother dough) that you feed every day and store in the fridge to create bacteria. That will be your key driver for perfect sourdough. Once you have this, we can make the base dough.

Ingredients for base dough:

35-40g mother dough

Small spoon of honey

90g of water

100g of flour

Mix all together and keep in room temperature for 9-15 hours. This is your base dough. Now, we make the actual sourdough.

Ingredients for sourdough:

Base dough from earlier

500g flour

350g water

1 large cooked potato

1-1.5 soup spoon of salt

Cumin (optional, to taste)


1. Mixed water and flour together. Just mix, cover and leave for 3 hours.

2.In mixing bowl add sourdough + flour mix, one grated cook potato, salt (cumin if you want) and work with it by mixing in till smooth and one nice consistency.

3. Fold the dough every 30 minutes for 2-3 hours. When ready, the dough is a bit like marshmallow.

4. Flip dough on flour surface, fold into a bread shape and let it rest under cover for 30 min.

5. Fold the bread again and place in to a proving basket. Cover with clingfilm and place it in the fridge at 5-7 degrees celcius overnight (10-12 hours). Make sure the cover is not touching the bread.

6. Preheat oven to 220C. Flip your bred on a hot tray, score the top of the bread and place in the oven for 15 minutes on 220C. After 15 minutes lower temperature to 170C and cook another 15 minutes.

7. Pull it out. Let it rest on a resting rack for 2 hours and you are ready to serve.

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