Food and drink quiz

Food and drink quiz

29th June 2020

Food & drink quiz

How many questions can you correctly guess the answer to in our fun food and drink quiz? Answers at the bottom of the page.

1. How many litres of wine are in a standard magnum bottle?

a. 1.5L

b. 2L

c. 2.5L


2. What type of nuts would you find in pesto?

a. Pine nuts

b. Hazelnuts

c. Cashew nuts


3. How many cups of tea are drunk in the UK on average every day?

a. 145 million

b. 155 million

c. 165 million


4. What is the Japanese spirit sake made from?

a. Bamboo shoots

b. Rice

c. Barley


5. From which country do Granny Smith apples originate?

a. Australia

b. UK

c. USA


6. What percentage of all oranges grown are used to produce orange juice?

a. 65%

b. 75 %

c. 85%


7. What is tofu made from?

a. Bean curd

b. Chickpeas

c. Rice


8. From which country does the Mojito cocktail originate?

a. Spain

b. Colombia

c. Cuba


9. What are Pontefract cakes made from?

a. Ginger

b. Cinnamon

c. Liquorice


10. In which country might you be offered a drink of Ouzo?

a. France

b. Greece

c. Portugal


Answers: a, a, c, b, a, c, a, c, c, b

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